Saturday, September 27, 2008

Past Award Winners Share Their Thoughts

Betsy McGuire, 2000 Women's Life Award recipient
"Being selected as the recipient of this award was a huge surprise. My mother just happened to be visiting at that time and was able to attend the luncheon with me at the last minute. I will always cherish the memory that she was with me and I was able to share this unexpected honor with her."

Bonita Church, 2001 Women's Life Award recipient
"My family and I have always been active in our community and state. We take great joy in giving and being involved. This recognition was greatly appreciated and very meaningful.

Raye Turner, 2002 Women's Life Award recipient
"Honestly, my first response when I received the award was not a structured sentence. It was Wow! What an honor! I also remember listening to the many accomplishments and contributions attributed to these women, and was proud to be associated with those that demonstrated a strong conviction and dedication to serving others in our community."

Verna Daniels, 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient
"I was simply flabbergasted -- so surprised! I thought, surely they didn't mean me? What an honor! This recognition made me more determined than ever to help where I can."

Senator Sharon Trusty, 2003 Women's Life Award recipient
"To me, the Women's Life Award symbolizes the value we as individuals and as a group place on the quality of our workmanship. This award is a good reminder that community service has become synonymous with America. There is a distinguished group of ladies who have been honored in this way in the past, and to be recognized by one's peers with this award is the highest honor in any category!"

"A basic part of our character is formed as we contribute to our fellowman and I like to think that I, too, have grown as an individual because of my involvement in community and civic affairs."

Maysel Teeter, 2004 Women's Life Award recipient
"It was a complete surprise and honor. I was at the festival under a ruse to see Martha Williams receive her award. She is such an icon. I couldn't believe I had won, as I've done nothing that another woman couldn't or wouldn't do. Women are so pressed to handle everything these days -- every woman deserves this award."

Martha Williams, 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient
"The award was very meaningful to me and my family. I have cherished it through the years and am still astounded and surprised at my selection. It has been one of the highlights of my life."

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